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Top 4 Captivating Botanical Gardens in Atlanta To Uplift Your Mood

Top 4 Captivating Botanical Gardens in Atlanta To Uplift Your Mood

Garden Fountain Atlanta Botanical Garden
Garden Fountain Atlanta Botanical Garden
Lily pad at Atlanta Botanical Garden
Pepper plants Atlanta Botanical Garden
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Garden Fountain Atlanta Botanical Garden


Botanical gardens are more than just aesthetic wonders; they are sanctuaries of serenity and wellness. The very essence of nature has profound effects on our mental health. The ‘nurture of nature’ is a phrase that resonates deeply with those who find solace in the embrace of greenery, exotic plants, and fragrant blooms. This article explores some of the best botanical gardens in Georgia, and how they not only offer a visual treat but also positively impact our mental well-being.

1. Atlanta Botanical Garden

Atlanta Botanical Garden was established by Mary Pat Matheson in 1976 to develop and preserve the natural exquisiteness in this particular city. Display of plant collection, flowers, and trees as well as research, education, conservation and enjoyment are present in this beautiful garden. Garden parties, Christmas parties, annual dinners, and musical concerts can also be arranged in this 30-acre lush vibrant garden. 

Some people who visited wrote their thoughts on Google.

A visitor Tony said that his experience was wonderful as the scenery was therapeutic in every way. He also mentioned that the entire garden was the perfect to enjoy, and relax and worth spending time in. Another visitor Xabier said that it’s a wonderful place to visit and it’s worth the price which is very reasonable. Also said that he was amazed by the collection of tiny rare plants and flowers which were stunning.

Location: 1345 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30309 


Best known for:

  • Rare plants and flowers collection
  • Thick and lush plantation
  • Educational expo

2. Woodlands Botanical Garden

Owned by Kate Baltzell McAlpin, this 7-acre botanical garden plush with greenery and woods reserves the woodlands as an urban nature preserve to edify and involve the community in the world of nature. Native plants and ready-to-bloom trees provide breathtaking panoramic views that can’t be forgotten easily. Guided tours are provided as well and private events, musical shows, dinner parties, and educational tours can be booked. 

Some visitors shared their views below.

A visitor Candace said that this garden has the most relaxed seating. The garden regularly receives aesthetic upgrades from the authority which is great. She also said that dogs weren’t allowed. Another visitor Mike said that the garden has beautiful walking trails through the large radiant trees which is so cool. Also mentioned is that plants and flowers are very bright in colors so lots of pictures must be taken to capture this beauty. 

Location: 932 Scott Blvd, Decatur, GA 30030 


Best known for:

  • Spectacular views of the plantation
  • Woody forest vibes
  • Bright flowers and plants

3. Gibbs Botanical Garden

Venture just an hour outside of Atlanta and you’ll find yourself amidst the enchanting landscapes of Gibbs Garden. Among its remarkable features, the sprawling 40-acre “Tsukiyama” Japanese Hill and Pond Stroll garden stands as the nation’s largest Japanese Garden. An entry through the Torii Gate initiates a journey through meandering pathways, revealing seven spring-fed ponds adorned with islands, bridges, and impressive boulders. The “Bridge to Heaven,” a natural stone bridge connecting an island to the shore, serves as a captivating focal point. This botanical wonderland boasts an abundance of flora, including ferns, native azalea, dogwood, mountain laurel, trilliums, and wildflowers, harmoniously interspersed with mature bonsai plants. Spring unveils the cherry blossoms of Yoshino and Kwanzan cherry trees, complemented by the serene reflection of weeping willows upon the water. Beyond its botanical wonders, Gibbs Garden boasts an array of Japanese lanterns, natural stones, and Japanese Maples, providing an artistic edge. The captivating atmosphere is enriched by the tranquil dance of clouds, waterfalls, butterflies, and the allure of stillness found in the garden’s impressive stones.

As you traverse this horticultural haven, you’ll discover an abundance of shaded walks, cascading streams, and cooling waterfalls in the Manor House & Valley Gardens, a true respite from the city’s hustle. The Gardens await your exploration from Wednesday to Sunday, 9 AM to 4 PM, offering an immersive experience where serenity meets nature’s grandeur. To enhance your visit, consider securing your admission tickets online, allowing you to bypass any potential lines. Gibbs Garden welcomes all, with daily admission tickets priced at $25 for adults (18-64 years old), $18 for seniors (65+), and $10 for children (ages 3-17), while children under 2 enter for free. Embrace the opportunity to lose yourself in the beauty of Gibbs Garden, a captivating escape from the urban rhythm in the heart of Georgia.

Location: 1987 Gibbs Dr, Ball Ground, GA 30107


Best known for:

  • Spectacular Color Gardens: Boasting the largest Japanese Garden in the nation, Gibbs Gardens enchants visitors with over 40 acres of Japanese Hill and Pond Stroll gardens, where vibrant flowers and serene ponds come together in harmonious beauty.
  • Nature’s Air Conditioning: The gardens are naturally cooled by the flow of deep springs that wind through the landscape, creating a refreshing oasis and inviting atmosphere, even during warmer months.
  • Visionary Floral Displays: With the addition of Le Jardin – Color Garden, Jim Gibbs once again showcases his innovative approach to horticulture, curating artistic arrangements of perennials and annuals that explode in a kaleidoscope of colors, offering a mesmerizing visual feast.

4. Thomasville Rose Garden, Thomasville

Thomasville, dubbed the City of Roses, boasts a public garden with a staggering 1,500 rose bushes spread across five acres. Situated near Cherokee Lake Park, the garden is divided into themed beds such as Heroes, Holidays, Love & Cherish, and Famous People. The annual Rose Show and Festival in April is the perfect time to soak in the beauty of these blooms and indulge in rose-inspired treats across the city.

Location: Thomasville Rose Garden, Thomasville, GA 31792


We Recommend:

  • Visit in spring time
  • Perfect for picnics

Best Known for:

  • Flower festival every April.
  • Cherokee Lake Park

5. Callaway Resort & Botanical Gardens, Pine Mountain

A little over an hour’s drive from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Callaway Resort & Gardens is a sprawling 2,500-acre paradise. Each season unfolds a new reason to visit – be it holly and camellias in winter, azaleas in spring, butterflies in summer, or the vibrant fall foliage.

General Admission to Callaway Gardens grants access to:

  1. Virginia Hand Callaway Discovery Center: Get acquainted with the Gardens and delve into its rich history.
  2. Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center: A mesmerizing haven where you can witness the ethereal beauty of butterflies.
  3. Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel: An emblem of serenity and architectural beauty.
  4. Callaway Brothers Azalea Bowl: A spectacular garden that comes alive with vibrant azaleas.
  5. Robin Lake Beach: Available seasonally, it’s the perfect spot to relax and soak in the sun.
  6. Walking Trails: Traverse the winding paths and soak in the tranquility and beauty around you.
  7. Discover Bicycle Trail: Spanning over 10 miles, this trail offers an invigorating ride amidst nature.

Ticket Prices:

  • Adult: $29.95
  • Child: $19.95

Location: 17617 US Hwy 27, Pine Mountain, GA 31822

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We Recommend:

  • Visit spring or summer

Best Known for:

  • Always something in bloom
  • Bike trails

6. Hills and Dales Estate, LaGrange

Just an hour’s drive from the bustling city of Atlanta lies a haven of tranquility and beauty: the Hills and Dales Estate. Built by Fuller Callaway, the Hills & Dales Estate in LaGrange is a testament to grandeur and beauty. The estate gardens house 175-year-old boxwood, a maze, a greenhouse, and an herb garden, among others. While children below six are not permitted inside the home, the gardens often host events like annual picnics and storytelling sessions.

Location: 1916 Hills and Dales Dr, LaGrange, GA 30240


We Recommend:

  • July, with its myriad blooms, is an ideal month to experience the estate’s botanical wonders.

Best Known for:

  • Ferrell Gardens

House and Garden Admission

  1. Adults: $25.00
  2. Seniors/Military: $23.00
  3. Students (Age 8 to College ID): $10.00
  4. Children 7 and under: Free of charge

Garden Only Admission

  1. Adults/Seniors/Military: $10.00
  2. Students (Age 8 to College ID): $5.00
  3. Children 7 and under: Free of charge

7. State Botanical Garden of Georgia, Athens

Athens offers more than just UGA football. The State Botanical Garden of Georgia, recognized as one of the country’s best by USA Today, spans a whopping 313 acres. This horticultural conservatory is free for all ages, making it a perfect spot to enjoy a leisurely walk after grabbing a coffee at Café Botanical.

Atlanta History Center

Beyond its museums and historic residences, the Atlanta History Center’s expansive 33-acre campus features six unique gardens spread over 22 acres of lush greenery. From the Swan Woods to the Sims Asian Garden, visitors can revel in the variety of plant species, primarily native to Georgia. Don’t forget to capture the breathtaking garden views from the Quarry Bridge.

Location: 130 W Paces Ferry Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30305


Best known for:

  • Boxwood Garden, based on Italian gardens as created in 18th century England by Lord Burlington and William Kent
  • Olguita’s Garden
  • Swan House Gardens


Botanical Gardens in Atlanta

In the fast and busy life of today, spending a few hours in these elegant gardens is a brilliant way of escaping your frenzied routine. Frequently reconnecting yourself with nature is essential for your health precisely. Many of the botanical gardens listed above are free of cost which means you can spend your time there often without worrying that you splurged. So, give yourself a break and enjoy these pieces of paradise with your loved ones!

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