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Explore the 7 Best Hiking Waterfalls in Atlanta For Your Vacations

Explore the 7 Best Hiking Waterfalls in Atlanta For Your Vacations

Are you a hiker desiring to bask in the embrace of peaceful tranquillity and seeking solace from the relentless pace of daily life? Then, your next stop should be hiking waterfalls in Atlanta. Set off on a journey where the sound of running water, the sight of cascading waterfalls, and the feel of a calm wind all come together to create the enthralling tapestry of hiking to a waterfall.

The city is famed for its vibrant culture and sophisticated attractiveness. These magnificent creations are a tribute to nature’s unbridled strength and the beauty that may be discovered when one travels off the main path. So, lace up your hiking boots and explore some fantastic waterfalls in Atlanta, as we have made a list for you. Let’s discuss them one by one!

1. Henry Mill Falls Trail

Picture Credit: Georgia Waterfall Database

Henry Mill Falls is accessible from Cochran Mill Park in Chattahoochee Hills, southwest of Atlanta. The trail follows Bear Creek’s tranquil flow on a leisurely, just under five-mile round walk to the waterfall after crossing streams en route to the location of the old mill.

The Henry Mill Falls is a lovely scene in a calm, rolling countryside. Before merging into the serene shallows below, its waters softly drop over a colourful expanse of the rocky landscape. This jewel is the most isolated among the charming waterfalls in Cochran Mill Park, providing a tranquil break of isolation during your hike.

Kevin Sheehan, a hiker, discovered the falls to be the ideal location for a leisurely lunch and made people aware that there would be some water crossings; he chose to go barefoot through calf-deep water. Richard, another reviewer, found crossing the lake a little tricky. Moreover, other people enjoyed the pool behind the gorgeous falls. Be careful while hiking waterfalls, as the trail can be muddy.

Location: 6875 Cochran Mill Rd, Palmetto, GA 30268, USA

Best Known for:

  • Picturesque waterfall amidst the rolling forest
  • Historical remnants

2. Cascade Spring Trail

Picture Credit: Explore Utah Valley

The Cascade Springs Nature Preserve is a surprising oasis of calmness amid Atlanta’s energetic bustle. The Cascade Springs waterfall, a hidden gem with a serene cascade, sits at the centre of this oasis. The sound of birds chirping and trees rustling in the breeze mingles nicely with the soft symphony of the crystal-clear rivers flowing down a succession of rock terraces.

There is a lot to see at this lovely natural reserve in Atlanta, and the surroundings are so stunning that it is simple to forget that you are in the middle of a concrete-covered capital. Families and others looking for a relaxing stroll will find the slow walk to Cascade Springs waterfall excellent. Dogs are welcome here but should be on leash.

Hanah, a hiker, had a peaceful family walk here; the defined loop opens to beautiful nature and a stunning waterfall. He advised others to wear mud-ready shoes if it’s rainy. Itzel Fernandez, another hiker, walked in wooden pathways and found trails excellent but suggested people use the map as you can get lost there. In contrast, some experienced seeing spider webs and bugs there.

Location: 2852 Cascade Rd SW Atlanta, GA 30311

Best Known For:

  • Blending city life and untouched nature
  • Serene escape

3. Amicalola Falls

Picture Credit: Condé Nast Travelers

It feels illegal to go hiking the waterfalls of Atlanta but not visit Amicalola Falls, located at Amicalola Falls State Park. Amicalola Falls, a captivating cascade of water that plunges an astounding 729 feet, is where the grandeur of nature is on full display. The third-highest cascading waterfall east of the great Mississippi River is in the Chattahoochee National Forest, not far from Dahlonega, located one hour north of Atlanta.

These falls radiate a mesmerizing appeal all year long, but they genuinely sparkle in the embrace of autumn. The waterfall becomes a live painting, a masterpiece framed by the brilliant tapestry of the changing season as the leaves change into a riot of fiery hues.

These falls can be viewed in a few different ways. Park at the base and go up a short paved trail to see it from below.  You can park at the top and walk across the bridge to see the falls.  But you’ll need to put on your stair-stepping shoes to appreciate all the splendour these falls offer genuinely.

Jiayi C., a reviewer, visited a waterfall with her family but found plenty of outdoor activities. She suggested going early in the morning to avoid crowds, and they had a great time there. Another reviewer found the trail steep but worthy. Overall, everyone had a memorable time there and would love to return.

Location: 418 Amicalola Falls Lodge Rd Dawsonville, GA 30534

Best Known For:

  • The tallest waterfall in Georgia
  •  Starting point for Appalachian Trail

4. DeSoto Falls

Picture Credit: Tennessee River Valley

The 2-mile-long DeSoto Falls is a monument to nature’s artistry in the Chattahoochee National Forest. This higher and lower waterfall pair can be reached by travelling through peaceful woods and hearing historical echoes. The lower and upper falls’ waters merge in a dance of unification as the upper falls tumble gracefully.

The heart and mind discover peace and connection with nature among the falling waves. With its soothing beauty, DeSoto Falls invites you to escape into the peace that awaits just off the beaten track.

Kesa Huff, a hiker, hiked the Bottom Falls trail. The trail was very rocky but still an easy hike down. Another reviewer suggested visiting the falls weekly to beat the crowd and capture breathtaking views. Others praised that trails were well marked.

Location: Hwy 19 N Dahlonega, GA 30533

Best Known for:

  • Pair of waterfalls (upper and lower)
  • Chattahoochee National Forest surroundings

5. Roswell Mill Fall

Picture Credit: Parks & Trips

Roswell Mill Waterfall, commonly known as Vickery Creek Falls, is within the Vickery Creed Unit of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area. This waterfall is just a quick 30-minute (22-mile) trip north of Atlanta if you’re in the city. The waterfall in a city park was first built in 1836 as the Vickery Creek Dam to supply power to the adjacent Roswell Mills.

A 5-mile hike through Georgia’s woodlands will reveal the history of Roswell Mill and the beauty of nature while revealing a waterfall view from high rock bluffs. Just outside Atlanta’s energetic centre, a rich fusion of past and soul awaits.

Valerie, a hiker, stopped at the waterfall, jumped in, and felt magic. Another hiker commended the trail as it was well-marked and not muddy even after rain. Most people were thrilled to see the fascinating waterfall as it was worth seeing.

Location: 95 Mill St, Roswell, GA 30075, United States

Best Known for:

See Also

  • Intertwining nature and history
  • Serene hiking experience

6. Anna Ruby Falls

Picture Credit: Atlanta Trails

In the centre of the Chattahoochee National Forest, Anna Ruby Falls, an enchanted confluence of two streams, displays the harmonizing craftsmanship of nature. The convergence of these twin waterfalls, Curtis and York Creeks, creates a serene and enthralling spectacle.

The dulcet sounds of rushing water can be heard after a leisurely journey through a woodland trail, and the falls then appear in all their delicate splendour. A soothing song for the spirit is created when the symphony of cascades combines with the swaying leaves. It’s a location where the fleeting and the lasting collide, and the moment’s beauty leaves a lasting impression.

This well-liked day hiking location includes two waterfalls in one: the 150-foot-tall higher falls and the 50-foot-tall lower falls. Just over a mile long and mostly shaded, the walk to the falls is enjoyable, even on hot days.

Mike, a hiker, was absolutely in love with the enthralling view of the waterfall, and he hiked along the creek leading to the falls. Another review felt that the trial was super easy. Meanwhile, some found this spot beautiful scenery then a hiking spot. 

Location: 3455 Anna Ruby Falls Rd White, GA 30571

Best Known for:

  • Accessible hike
  • Twin waterfalls

7. Sweetwater Creek Red Trail

Waterfalls in Atlanta
Picture Credit: Tripadvisor

This 2-mile Sweetwater Creek Red Trail in Georgia’s natural paradise invites hikers on an enthralling trip across time and space. If you are looking for a mesmerizing outdoor hiking spot that can not only make you forget your worries but also bless your eyes with its breathtaking views, this is worth visiting.

A beloved path through luxuriant hardwoods, across a rushing creek, to the ruins of a Civil War mill, and up high rock outcrops for elevated creek vistas is known as Sweetwater Creek’s Captivating Red Trail.

The trail weaves through the colourful tapestry of Sweetwater Creek State Park, unfolding like a narrative. Old trees with their gnarled limbs absorbing stories from earlier generations stand as silent sentinels. The creek’s sweet whispers become your constant companion as you walk, tracing its own story alongside yours. 

Siobhan, a reviewer, discovered neat wildlife there, including frogs, chipmunks and snakes. Another hiker, Sarah, found this place best for superb hiking and hiked from the red trail to the white trail. Moreover, others thought this hike was the prettiest in metro Atlanta.

Location: 1750 Mount Vernon Rd Lithia Springs, GA 30122

Best Known for:

  • Enjoying the scenic beauty of Sweetwater Creek State Park
  • Passing by a cascading creek


The trails leading to Atlanta’s captivating waterfalls weave a symphony of beauty and adventure into the tapestry of the city’s natural attractions. Each route tells a different tale of nature’s attraction, from the cascading grandeur of Henry Mill Falls to the hidden gem of Cascade Spring.

Amicalola Falls displays a magnificent dance of water in the centre of Chattahoochee National Forest, while Anna Ruby Falls emerges as a harmonic union of twin waterfalls. This trek gains additional beauty from the serenity of Desoto Falls and the old-world elegance of Roswell Mill. Hikers join a spectacular trip where water and earth interact to create a lasting impression on their souls while travelling along these trails. I hope you have found your next hiking spot now.

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