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5 Exceptional Black-Owned Restaurants in Atlanta You Should Not Miss!

5 Exceptional Black-Owned Restaurants in Atlanta You Should Not Miss!

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If you follow a vegan, vegetarian or non-veg diet, then don’t think that the options for having a scrumptious meal will be limited. In the dazzling city of Atlanta Georgia, you will surely be spoiled for choice once you start counting the extravagant restaurants that are specially owned by black owners. 

Having delicious meals at black-owned restaurants in Atlanta can also be a great way to support the black community as they are struggling after the COVID-19 pandemic. You will definitely fall in love with the exotic taste and unique ambience of these restaurants. 

So here are some of the top-class dining options you should visit to get to know how blacks are trying their best to support the business sector of this great nation.

1. Paschal’s Restaurant

Established in 1947 by two chef brothers Robert and James Paschal, this restaurant has made a name for itself in the market by providing one of the finest fried chicken sandwiches in the city of Atlanta. The extensive menu provides the variety to try their different specialities which are made to perfection so that you can have a memorable dining out with your loved ones. Go through some of the reviews so you can make up your mind.

A local food blogger Tjay said that she really loved the ambiance, clean bathrooms and the décor. Mentioned the quality of the food which was superb and fresh. Another visitor Lucretia stated that the atmosphere in this venue is incomparable. Also said that the salmon was moist and delicious, will visit more often.

Location: 180 Northside Dr SW, Atlanta, GA 30313


Best known for: 

  • Fried chicken
  • Deserts
  • Cocktails

2. Soul: Food & Culture

If you are a soul food lover then this is a paradise for you. The perfection of black Chef Todd Richards is supreme as he creates a menu that is beyond the expectations of whoever visits this spectacular eatery. The environment is awesome and customer service is exceptional. Some reviews of guests might do the justice. 

A food reviewer in Georgia food reviewer said that he had never eaten this type of tasty food before in his life. He mentioned the catfish was so crispy and delicious that he would now come here with his friends and family more often. Another guest Kiana mentioned the interior was very eye-catching. She also said that this was the best chicken sandwich she had eaten in recent times.

Location: 99 Krog St NE T, Atlanta, GA 30307


Best known for: 

  • Soul food
  • Catfish
  • Deserts

3. Busy Bee Cafe

Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-veg, this downtown classic eatery by Tracy Gates serves traditional soul food at a very reasonable cost so that every person in the community can afford it. The customer service of this venue is best known for its friendliness and graciousness. You can have different variety of desserts and cheap soul food dishes here which are prepared professionally by black chefs.

Check out some reviews that will give you a glimpse of this venue.

A local food blogger Paul said that this historic place has great food, ambiance, customer service and a very well-decorated interior. He also mentioned that their mac n cheese is one of the finest in town. Another guest Clarice said that the mac n cheese was simply delicious and the collard greens were so yummy. Also said that the portions were quite large and it’s a must-try.

Location: 810 M.L.K. Jr Dr SW, Atlanta, GA 30314 


Best known for:

  • Mac n Cheese
  • Cheap prices
  • Salads

4. Tom, Dick & Hank

This elegant rooftop BBQ café cum restaurant serves modern BBQ dishes delights to make your evening a memorable one. Chicken, lamb, and seafood BBQ dishes are served with a modern twist to provide you with an enthralling experience. The ambience provided by Hank Johnson is totally fascinating and the service is beyond expectations. Hand-crafted cocktails are also served for you to have a perfect meal.

Check out some reviews so you can make up your mind.

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Kava Bowl at Kava Mama in Atlanta

A local guest Shyanne said that this is her favorite BBQ spot where the BBQ is so fresh and tender. Also mentioned is that the indoor and outdoor spots are amazing as they have spectacular rooftop views. Another food blogger Allison stated that the BBQ wings here are super delicious. Also said that she loved the outdoor patio.

Location: 191 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW, Atlanta, GA 30312


Best known for:

  • BBQ
  • Colourful cocktails
  • Grilled burgers

5. Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours

The love of Southern classical vibes can easily be taken care of at this black-owned venue which provides modern soul food with a blend of Southern themes and dishes. Both veg and non-veg dishes are served that are perfectly prepared by black chef Deborah Vantrece. Recommended dishes at this eatery as per reviews are Southern marinated fried chicken, cornbread, fried tomato salad and many more. Go through some of the reviews below. 

A food reviewer Michelle said that she had a wonderful experience here because of the staff who were really helpful and friendly. She also said that she tried Fried chicken which was super delicious and the cocktails were amazingly refreshing. 

Location: 1133 Huff Rd NW #D, Atlanta, GA 30318

Best known for:

  • Soul food with Southern tastes
  • Crispy Chicken
  • Sandwiches 


Black-Owned Restaurants in Atlanta

Every individual or community has something to offer for their country because everyone in this world is blessed with some talent. African-American societies have contributed a lot and are continuing to do so in every part of this great country. 

The above article mentions the best Black-owned restaurants you must visit and see for yourself how black business owners are putting their best efforts to provide the best services in the food sector in the beautiful city of Atlanta Georgia. 


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