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6 Best Biking Paths near Atlanta for Outdoor Enthusiasts

6 Best Biking Paths near Atlanta for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Ever have your senses been overwhelmed by the city’s pulse? Get ready to be carried away on a ride that reveals Atlanta’s quiet havens, a network of biking paths that aims to show the city’s best-kept secrets. Biking is a healthy exercise and a fantastic way to explore a city and make memories.

These bike paths, frequently hidden behind the bustle of urban life, offer a respite where the urban environment and lush getaways converge like old friends. An alluring overture is created by the appeal of a peaceful stroll or an adrenaline-pumping adventure surrounded by nature. There are 40 biking paths near Atlanta, but our list will highlight some of the best. Let’s jump straight into it!

1. Noonday Creek Trail

Picture Credit: ATLnature

There are now two separate segments of the paved Noonday Creek Trail: a 1-mile segment in Woodstock and a 6-mile one in Cobb County. This trail is present in Marietta, just half an hour from Atlanta. Imagine yourself pedalling along while listening to birds chirping and the soft rustling of leaves—the ideal escape from the bustle of the city. You’ll cross gorgeous wooden bridges that give your adventure a unique touch as you travel the trail. 

The brief Woodstock section, which is only 1 mile long, passes the city’s southwest corner before continuing into the quaint downtown. From Bells Ferry Road, take a trip along the 6 miles to Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, where you may hike and learn about the Civil War.

The sole drawback is that it crosses multiple busy roads, even if paved and flat. It is near main roads in many places, making it less ideal for kids but adventurous for adults.

Chris, a reviewer, found this path best for runners and bikers since it is paved and flat. Jonathan, another reviewer, advised others not to go there with toddlers as the trail is good, but there is so much going along the road. Most people discovered it suitable for hiking and biking as the path was well-marked.

Location: Marietta, GA 30066

Best Known for:

  • Connecting Woodstock and Kennesaw
  • Paving trail that runs through the city’s downtown area

2. Atlanta Beltline

Picture Credit: Explore Georgia

The Atlanta Beltline was born out of a desire to promote neighbourhood harmony while reusing old rail lines. In his inspiring 1999 thesis, Ryan Gravel suggested converting former train lines into lively walkways that would unite communities and protect priceless green places.

The Beltline is intended to finish its 22-mile loop by 2030, going from a forward-thinking concept to Atlanta’s famous “legacy project’’. The most popular BeltLine section is the Eastside Trail, which runs 3.1 miles from Midtown to Old Fourth Ward.

Biking offers a rare blend of nature and cultural immersion, especially when travelling paths like Northside and Southside. Discovering family parks and eye-catching artwork along these roads adds to the journey’s wonderful tapestry—weekends bustle with bikers, runners, and wagging tails.

Clara, a reviewer, found this path crowded by cyclists, runners, and bikers. Another reviewer called the Atlanta Beltline a fantastic project and loved how it transformed the city and made it more livable. Moreover, everyone felt so happy to ride here and would love to return.

Location: Atlanta, GA 30312

Best Known for:

  • The 22-mile loop of trails and parks
  • Eastside Trail, the most popular segment

3. Big Creek Greenway

Picture Credit: Pond & Company

The Big Creek Greenway is a path that primarily follows the banks of Big Creek as it passes through Roswell, Alpharetta, and Forsyth County. You can reach there by turning right onto Preston Ridge Road from Old Milton Parkway after traveling 1/4 mile north on North Point Parkway. The route travels through Roswell and Alpharetta for around 11 miles and Forsyth County for approximately 16.5 miles.

This path is ideal for families and beginners because it is free of traffic and reasonably flat. There are numerous options for drink breaks, benches, and bathroom breaks. The North and South paths that make up the trail are now linked. The raised boardwalk makes a part of the North Trail. 

Thanh Duong, a reviewer, went biking and loved it. Another reviewer suggested not to go after rain as the trail can be muddy. Overall, Others found it biking-friendly and easy for beginners.

Location: Alpharetta, GA 30023

Best Known for:

  • The 8-mile trail that runs through Alpharetta and Roswell
  • Being accessible for beginner and intermediate bikers

4. Silver Comet Trail

Picture Credit: Atlanta Trails

The Silver Comet Trail passes through Cobb, Paulding, and Polk counties as it makes its way west from the Mavell Road trailhead in Smyrna. This 60-mile paved trail connects Smyrna with the Alabama-Georgia border. It is located 13 miles northwest of Atlanta, not precisely in Atlanta.

This peaceful, paved, non-motorized trail is accessible to those in wheelchairs and is open to walkers, bicyclists, hikers, horses, and dog walkers. Discover amenities-equipped rest stops every few miles while taking in the scenery, which includes streams, carved rocks, golf courses, bridges, and more.

You will bike across lovely trestle bridges, tranquil farmlands, and shaded canopies. It’s a trip that’s equally gratifying and thrilling, with its mild grades and breathtaking vistas.

Drdvh, a reviewer, recommended this trail if someone enjoys riding a bike or running. Another reviewer, Rhonda, explored this path with his friends and called it the best trail to ride bikes. They had a great time there. Meanwhile, some got scared as pit bulls chased them.

Location: Mavell Rd Smyrna, GA 30080

Best Known for:

See Also

  • The 60-mile trail that runs from Smyrna to Newnan

5. Arabia Mountain Path

Picture Credit: Arabia Mountain

The Arabia Mountain route, which is 30 miles long and winds through the Arabia Mountain National Heritage site, passes by lakes, Arabia Mountain, and exposed granite. Arabia Mountain PATH (AMP)is located 20 minutes east of Atlanta. This path is one of Georgia’s most unusual plant ecosystems; you can anticipate seeing vibrant moss and flowers year-round on your trip.

This 12.4-mile trail meanders past enormous rock outcroppings, rushing streams, waterfalls in the woods, farmland, and wildflower meadows that sway in the wind. There are three different difficulty levels on this trail. The trail was built to connect the region’s historical, ecological, and cultural monuments.

A reviewer, John, regarded this place as clean, welcoming, and pleasant to ride. Another reviewer was thrilled as the wide path had plenty of shady areas. Additionally, others considered this place worth visiting with family.

Location: 3787 Klondike Rd Lithonia, GA 30038

Best Known for:

  • Unveiling Ancient Atlanta’s Vista 

6. Proctor Creek Greenway

Picture Credit: PATH Foundation

Nearly 3 miles in length and located in northwest Atlanta, the first phase of the Proctor Creek Greenway was completed in May 2018. From the Bankhead MARTA station to Grove Park and West Highlands neighbourhoods, the trail travels alongside Proctor Creek. Maddox Park, one of the city’s oldest parks with a pool and sports facilities, is close to the trail’s southern end.

I recommend this path if you are fond of serene ambience. Although a few hills are on the route, it is usually appropriate for bikers of all skill levels.

Michelle, a reviewer, cherished this place’s welcoming atmosphere and relished the ride. Meanwhile, some made others aware that this path has a few high hills to climb on your bike, but it is not challenging.

Location: 670 Gary Ave NW Atlanta, GA 30318

Best Known for:

  • A popular destination for walkers, runners, and cyclists


Biking Paths near Atlanta

These biking trails serve as the threads that weave nature and culture into a seamless trip inside Atlanta’s metropolitan setting. Each path urges us to rediscover the city, whether it is the enchanting Noonday Creek Trail, the artistic sanctuary of the Atlanta Beltline, the tranquil Big Creek Greenway, or the intriguing Silver Comet Trail. 

The untamed appeal of Arabia Mountain Path and the revitalised Proctor Creek Greenway convey stories of preservation and rebirth. As we have discovered Nancy Creek’s charming retreat, we have come to understand that Atlanta is more than simply a city; it is a complex ecosystem of paths that reveal its lively heart. A great time to ride a bike is in the spring. Atlanta is a vibrant location to do it. We hope you enjoy these bike trails in Atlanta.
Please note that not all mentioned paths are exactly in Atlanta but near Atlanta.

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