Wellness 1 Day Training in Atlanta, GA on Mar 27th 2024


March 27, 2024    
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


For venue details reach us at info@mangates.com
PH: +1 469 666 9332 Atlanta, GA 30303 United States, Atlanta, United States, 30303, GA

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Engage in a transformative learning experience through our classroom and corporate training, designed to immerse you in an environment where interaction with instructors becomes a gateway to invaluable face-to-face instruction. Unleash the power of this unique opportunity to connect, collaborate, and absorb knowledge in a way that goes beyond the traditional learning paradigm.

Event Information:

Event Name: Wellness 1 Day Training in Atlanta, GA

Organizer: Mangates

Duration: 8 hours

Date and Time: Wednesday, March 27, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EDT

Location: For venue details, reach us at info@mangates.com or PH: +1 469 666 9332, Atlanta, GA 30303, United States

Ticket Information:

General Admission: $100.00 +$8.55 Fee (Sales end on Mar 31, 2024)

General Admission 2: $150.00 +$11.90 Fee (Sales start on Apr 1, 2024)

Early Bird Special: $70.00 +$6.54 Fee (Sales ended)

VIP Access Ticket: $80.00 +$7.21 Fee (Sales ended)


Workout Session Detail:

Essentials to Bring:

Participants are encouraged to bring a positive mindset and an eagerness to engage in interactive activities.


  • Introduction and Objectives:

Setting the scene for the training course.

Establishing workplace wellness and participant expectations.

  • The History of Wellness:

Exploring the roots of wellness and its evolution in the workplace.

  • Why Corporate Wellness is So Important Today:

Appreciating the role of wellness and its positive benefits.

  • Thought Awareness:

Identifying the impact of negative thoughts and transforming them into positive ones.

  • Rational and Positive Thinking:

Using personal examples to promote rational and positive approaches.

  • The Six Dimensions of Wellness:

Examining the theory behind improving key areas of wellness.

Questionnaire to assess current wellness and identify development opportunities.

  • Setting Personal Goals and Objectives:

Developing personal goals based on the six dimensions of wellness.

  • Wellness Starts at Work:

Establishing the importance of workplace wellness.

Developing a fictional wellness program for the organization.

  • Creating Work-Life Balance:

Exploring strategies for achieving a healthy work-life balance.

  • Wellness Action Plans:

Understanding and developing a wellness action plan.

  • Case Studies:

Reviewing real-life scenarios and discussing different approaches.

  • Management Support for Wellness:

Identifying the support managers should provide for employee wellness.

About this Event: The Wellness 1 Day Training, conducted by Mangates, offers a comprehensive exploration of workplace wellness. This one-day course, held on March 27, aims to raise awareness and improve mental and physical health for individuals and organizations.

Course Features:

Define wellness and its importance in the workplace.

Practice rational and positive thinking.

Apply the six dimensions of wellness.

Explain the importance of work-life balance.

Describe the business case for wellness.

Certification: Upon completion, participants receive a Course Completion Certificate from Mangates.

Who can Attend? Is anyone interested in learning Wellness Skills?

Note: For virtual training programs and customization, contact info@mangates.com.


Groups of 3 people: 10% Discount

Groups of 5 people: 15% Discount

Groups of 10 people: 20% Discount

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