Healing Thoughts – Affirmation Workshop & Brunch


May 18, 2024    
11:00 am - 2:00 pm


Atlantic Station
270 17th St NW, Atlanta, Georgia, 30363

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Manifest Your Best Life: An Affirmation & Chakra Activation Workshop!

Unlock Your Positive Potential & Create the Life You Desire!

Join us for a transformative workshop designed to empower you to manifest your best life! Learn the powerful practice of affirmations and harness the energy of your chakras to break free from negativity and achieve your goals.

The Power of Affirmations:

  • Words that Empower: Discover the science behind affirmations and how they can shift your internal state to align with your desired outcomes. This workshop guides you in creating powerful and effective affirmations to transform negative thought patterns into positive beliefs.
  • Manifesting Your Dreams: Learn how affirmations act as a bridge between your inner world and your external reality. By consistently affirming your desires, you can attract positive experiences and achieve your goals.

Chakra Activation & Energetic Balance:

  • Energy Centers for Wellbeing: Delve into the world of chakras, the energy centers within your body. This workshop explores how balanced chakras contribute to emotional and physical wellbeing, creating a foundation for success.
  • Restoring Balance: Through guided practices like meditation and energy healing techniques such as reiki and sound healing, you’ll restore balance to your chakras, fostering a sense of harmony and inner peace.

A Multi-Sensory Experience:

  • Group Activities: Connect with like-minded individuals and engage in stimulating discussions and collaborative activities designed to enhance your learning experience.
  • Personalized Affirmation Recordings: Create personalized affirmation recordings in your own voice. These recordings will serve as powerful tools for daily use, reminding you of your goals and supporting your positive transformation.

Nourishment for Body & Soul:

  • Delicious Refreshments: Indulge in our signature Blackberry Mimosas alongside a delicious vegan brunch. Let the nourishing food and refreshing drinks fuel your mind, body, and spirit throughout the workshop.

This workshop is more than just learning; it’s an experience! It’s an opportunity to unlock your positive potential, create powerful affirmations, and embark on a journey towards manifesting your best life!


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