Get Fit Family Health & Wellness/Stay Fit Thru Fitness Fun Day…


April 13, 2024    
10:00 am - 6:00 pm


Smith Barnes Elementary School
147 Tye Street Stockbridge, GA 30281 United States, GA , United States, 30281, GA

Event Type

Get ready for a mind-blowing day filled with health, fun, and excitement at our NLP Health Screening Spectacular!


Health Screening: Take control of your well-being with our cutting-edge health screenings. Let our NLP-powered insights guide you towards optimal health.

Kids Bounce House: Watch your little one’s bounce, leap, and bound with joy in our NLP-enhanced bounce house. Safety and fun guaranteed!

Prizes Galore: Harness the power of NLP luck and win amazing prizes throughout the day! Our algorithms ensure every winner walks away with a smile.

Live DJ: Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beats curated by our NLP-trained DJ. Let the music uplift your spirits and energize your soul!

Vendors: Explore a marketplace teeming with NLP-approved products and services. From holistic remedies to innovative gadgets, our vendors have it all!

Food Fiesta: Nourish your body with delectable delights handpicked by our NLP-powered food experts. Every bite is a symphony of flavor and nutrition!

Zumba: Dance your way to fitness enlightenment with our NLP-infused Zumba sessions. Let the rhythm synchronize your body, mind, and soul!

Kids Audition for WNBA: Unleash your child’s potential on the grand stage of sports! Our NLP-coached judges are ready to spot the next basketball superstar!

Christian Hip Hop Fit: Elevate your workout experience with our NLP-engineered Christian Hip Hop Fit session. Sweat, groove, and praise your way to divine fitness!

Event Information:

Event Name: Get Fit Family Health & Wellness/Stay Fit Thru Fitness Fun Day

Date and Time: Saturday, April 13, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM EDT.

Location: Smith Barnes Elementary School, 147 Tye Street, Stockbridge, GA 30281, United States

Ticket Price: Free

About this Event: Join us for a full day of health, fitness, and wellness activities at the Get Fit Family Health & Wellness/Stay Fit Thru Fitness Fun Day event! Hosted by Stay Fit Thru the Arts, Inc., this event is dedicated to promoting health, fitness, dance, and wellness within the community.

Throughout the day, attendees can participate in health screenings, enjoy a kids bounce house, groove to live DJ music, explore various vendors, savor delicious food, and attend informative lectures and demonstrations focusing on improving health, fitness, and nutrition.

Additionally, the event features Stay Fit Thru Fitness Fun Day, showcasing dance, fitness, and yoga sessions led by educators from around the world and the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the excitement, including Zumba sessions, Christian Hip Hop fitness, and a special chance for kids to audition and perform at a WNBA Basketball game.

Event Schedule:

10:00 AM – 2:00 PM: Get Fit Family Health and Wellness

Health Screening

Kids Bounce House






2:00 PM – 6:00 PM: Stay Fit Thru Fitness Event





Zumba (3:30 PM)

Christian Hip Hop Fitness (4:15 PM)

Kids WNBA Audition (5:30 PM)

Essentials to Bring: Comfortable clothing, water bottle, and enthusiasm for fitness and fun!

Parking Options: Parking will be available at the Smith Barnes Elementary School location. Please follow event signage for designated parking areas.

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