The Wake Up Flow (with Eazy) *50% off*


May 2, 2024    
7:15 pm - 8:15 pm


The Union Fit Hub
828 Ralph McGill Boulevard Northeast #w4 Atlanta, GA , United States, 30306, GA

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Wake Up Flow” gently guides you through a morning mobility and stretch class, infusing each movement with energizing intentions to set a positive tone for your entire day ahead.

Event Information:

Event: The Wake Up Flow (with Eazy) 50% off

Date and Time: Thursday, May 2, 7:15 – 8:15 AM EDT.

Location: The Union Fit Hub, 828 Ralph McGill Boulevard Northeast #w4 Atlanta, GA 30306, United States

Ticket Information:

General Admission: $10.00

Sales Tax: $0.89

Total: $10.89

About this Event: “The Wake Up Flow,” a morning mobility and stretch class designed to guide you through an energizing practice that sets a positive tone for the day. Led by Eazy at The Union Fit Hub, this class focuses on building strength, flexibility, and body awareness through synchronized breath and movement.

Workout Session Detail: The Wake Up Flow emphasizes mobility-focused stretches that enhance strength, flexibility, and body awareness. Through synchronized breath and movement, participants activate lean muscle groups, increase circulation, and improve overall stability and balance.

Essentials to Bring: Participants are encouraged to bring their own yoga mats. Comfortable clothing suitable for movement is recommended.

Parking Option: No specific parking information provided. Attendees are advised to check local parking availability near The Union Fit Hub.

Benefits of The Wake-Up Flow:

Increased Energy

Improved Flexibility

Strength and Tone

Stress Reduction

Enhanced Focus

Better Posture and Alignment

Positive Mindset

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